Skoda and Le Tour – a great TV ad

As you'll no doubt be aware most of the videos made about cycling these days are just ads in disguise. There's the Beyond the Peloton series, the Rapha videos, the Vittoria videos, the Mavic videos and those are just the ones that spring to mind in a few seconds. Since Cervelo
sort of pioneered this form of marketing it seems that nearly everyone's at it and I'm all for it. There has been some great content created and some views into Pro Cycling that we wouldn't have otherwise seen.

The video above is most definitely an ad in the classic sense – it's what Skoda are running alongside the Tour de France TV Coverage on Eurosport this year. I think it's a great ad, so am showing it for that reason alone but I also want to support and recognise Skoda's involvement in Pro Cycling. They're a very visible and high profile corporate backer of the sport and as a fan I thank them for that. I hope the ad made you smile like it did for me. Ad's like this also reinforce the old marketing maxim that for every one pound/dollar/unit of currency you spend on a sponsorship you should spend another 1-2 units of currency to promote your involvement.

Thanks for reading