Snow, Colds… bah humbug!


Well, that’s it for the month of November – not a vintage cycling month for me sadly and my lowest mileage since March thanks to my crash, the weather, illness … etc, etc, excuses, excuses. Be that as it may, I’ve still ridden further this year than any other year, so that’s something to be pleased about as I sit looking out of the window at the snow today. 

As of today my mileage for the year stands at 4,517km over 175 hours riding and whilst I’m hoping I can get to 5,000km to finish off the year I’m a little less confident of that happening than I was. November’s riding only totalled 321km, so I’ll need to do that and another 150km to hit the last milestone. Snow allowing, I’ll give it a good go. Last December we had a lot of snow – it was on the ground for about two weeks, hopefully this year will be better but you wouldn’t put money on that today.
Here’s to heavy rain to clear it all away and get me out onto the road again. 

Failing that I’m going to have to finally get to grips with my turbo trainer…. I find the prospect of getting on the turbo even less appealing that riding in the rain – but I think I’m going to have to try to push through that.

Thanks for reading and I hope the weather’s better with you.