So it begins – Leopard-Trek Driven Episode One video

I've just seen this video thanks to Rich Land's blog (http://sprintingforsigns.posterous.com/) and it's a video that's going to get some serious air-play in the world of road cycling. I agree with Rich's point that it's heavily influenced by Cervelo's Beyond The Peloton but also probably by the Rapha films like some of the ones I've previously featured on this blog. There's no doubt it's a pretty slick piece of marketing though – as you'd expect from one of the worlds largest bike companies and the brand new and already world number one pro cycling team. 

Marketing or not, I really enjoy this type of behind the scenes glimpse that is becoming more and more a part of pro cycling. Yes, it's fairly heavily stage managed and it's a bit more obviously pushing Trek the company than the Cervelo films do (less is more guys) but it's still entertaining and beautifully filmed/put together. I hope you find it interesting.

Trek have also released this slightly less glossy but equally watchable video on the building of the Leopard Trek Madones – which is also worth watching. I have to say I like the colour scheme of the bikes (even if I'm not quite so sold on the team kit) and it's always interesting to see glimpses of the manufacturing process behind high end carbon frames.

Thanks for reading.