Sportful R&D bib tights review

Earlier in the winter I wrote an introductory story on the Sportful R&D jacket and bib tights I’ve had on review. For much of the winter and through the Spring, these have been my first choice for any ride.

To cut to the chase, the Sportful R&D bib tights are one of the best bib tights I’ve ever ridden in. They are a high quality product that delivers comfort, warmth and performance that’ll keep you snug and happy in wintry or cool riding conditions. They perform extremely well for their price point of £120. In fact, I can’t think of bib tights I’d rather ride for the money and they’ve either outperformed or matched some bib tights I’ve ridden in at higher price points.


I’ve happily ridden the R&D bib tights between -2 and 10 Celsius. I feel the cold but the Sportful have been a pleasure to wear in a wide range of temperatures. Sportful rate the R&D tights as being a 4 out of 4 for breatheability and my experience of being able to happily ride in them across a good range of temperatures supports this claim well.

Windproofing is also good. Sportful rate the tights as a 3 out of 4 for keeping out the wind and I can’t say I’ve felt that the wind was getting through noticeably on any ride. I’ve also found them plenty warm enough even in really cold weather – especially if paired with a really good winter jacket … such as the matching R&D jacket (also terrific).

Waterproofing isn’t a key feature of these tights but the insulation helps keep you warm when they get damp in a shower.

Pad from the Sportful Total Comfort range

Pad from the Sportful Total Comfort range

The Total Comfort Pro pad is definitely a highlight and lives up to it’s name extremely well. It is available in other Sportful products – so do make a mental note of that name, you’ll be glad you did.

Straps are familiar from the Total Comfort Line

Straps are familiar from the Total Comfort Line

The R&D tights also feature Sportful’s Total Comfort straps which are comfortable to wear, easy to get on and off and hold the garment in place well. They also look interesting compared to many other straps in tights from other brands.

The tights feature lots of Sportful’s Thermo Drytex fabrics. Most of the tight features a double layer Thermo Drytex, with a hollow core polyester, which is red, on the inside of the tights. The front of the thighs and knees use a Thermo  Drytex PL+ for high wicking, with a Thermo Drytex Plus back for wicking.


At the bottom of the legs, we get the double layer fabric again with zips to helping get the tights on and off and a stretchy rubber gripper to keep the bottom of the legs in the right place. There are reflective details and as I mentioned they’re a perfect match for the R&D jacket.

P1000284Fit is excellent. I have the medium size and it’s perfect for my 180cm and 70kgs.

Honestly, I’m struggling to find a negative. I can’t think of any aspect of these tights that I would mark down. I’ve found a very small stitching issue on the outside of the pad but that’s it. There’s no wear on the lycra on the seat to date and they wash well too.

The Sportful R&D bib tight is a terrific product and I have no problems highly recommending it for winter and cold weather riding.

Find out more here: http://www.sportful.com/Root/Cycling/Tights/Sportful-R%26D-Bibtight/p/110127115A

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