Stoemper Taylör update – it’s on it’s way!


Last evening I got some exciting news from Stoemper – my Taylör is shipping out to me today, so it should be here soon. They’ve been kind enough to send me some photos of it during production and you can see them here. The experience of having a custom made frame built and painted specifically for me has felt a bit special. The photos I’ve received along the way have kept me informed and have been an exciting illustration of the fact it’s being made specifically for me.


Getting a new bike is always exciting. I’ve never owned a steel race frame before and I’m really excited about getting this one. Whilst officially this is a demo bike as I’m working with Stoemper in the UK – it’s my bike and as you can see I’ve chosen an All Blacks style paint scheme complete with Silver Fern to personalise it for me.

Demo bike or not, I’m planning on riding many thousands of miles on it and it’s also given me a perfect opportunity to make my first foray into the world of Campagnolo as well, which I’m looking forward to.

I have the build kit standing by that reads like this:

Stoemper Taylör (size 56cm)

Stoemper ENVE Fork

Chris King Headset

Deda Zero 100 Servizio Course Stem 110mm

Deda Newton Short & Shallow Bars

Bike Ribbon Eleganza bar tape

Deda Superzero 27.2mm seat post

Selle Italia SLR XP Saddle

Campagnolog Chorus 11x Groupset (Compact)

Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Wheelset

Continental GP4000s tyres


Hopefully the bike will get reviewed here in the UK (other than by me of course) but so far I’ve just seen one review for the Taylör from Bicycling Magazine in the USA and I’ve attached a photo of this in case you’re interested.


From the review – it looks perfect for the kind of riding I do – Long rides as fast as I can over a mixture of road surfaces and quality. So I’m feeling like I’ve chosen a good option.


Next step is to arrange the build once it arrives – I’m not going to do it myself but I do plan to be there and take photos as it comes together.

You can find more info on the Taylör here if you’re interested: http://stoemper.com/the-bikes/taylor/


Thanks for reading.