The brilliance of Stoepid Week…

I’ve been a fan of Stoemper bikes for a while – how can you not love a brand that named the bike models the Eddy and the Ronny (the Eddy is my favourite: http://stoemper.com/the-bikes/eddy/ – it’s a fantastic looking bike). How can you not love the motto:
Stoemper are about to launch some new road bikes Stoepid week has been a brilliant piece of PR built around a gruelling idea of riding 5 classics in 7 days. Yes, that’s right in 7 days and they’re not the “easy” ones either (not that there is such a thing).
In case you didn’t read the description above carefully enough, that’s 1230km of riding in a week and lots and lots and lots of cobbles and climbing. In fact part of the genius is that it’s just a brutal way to spend a week and what self respecting cyclist doesn’t respect a fair serving of brutal. Another masterstroke was inviting Bicycling editor Bill Strickland (@TrueBS) to join the team. I’ve always greatly enjoyed Bill’s writing and was glad and very impressed to see him jump in (he might be regretting it a bit now – though hopefully not).
It was always going to be very hard indeed (like Stoemper bikes?) but I loved this quote from Bill’s Bicycling Blog (http://bicycling.com/blogs/theselection/2012/03/19/stoepid-week-gent-wevelgem/) – “Yesterday, I quit seven times, the day before that, some countless number, neither of which I told my five friends.”


I think Stoepid week is the best cycling adventure I’ve seen in a while – and I’m delighted Stoemper have done it and that they got Bill Strickland involved too. 
Enjoy the blog here: http://www.stoepid.com/


Your can find Bill Strickland’s Bicycling blogs here: http://bicycling.com/blogs/theselection/


Stoemper’s website is here: http://stoemper.com/


Photos/images from the Stoemper website and the Stoepid Week Blog