The girodilento festive family 250km

Yes, it’s that time of year again – we’re coming up to the Christmas period and Strava announce the pretty much annual Festive 500.

In theory it’s a great idea – I’d love to have a crack at riding 500km between 24th of December and the 31st, I really would.

But actually there is no way I can. I’m married, I have young kids, family commitments and it’s my wife’s birthday all in that 7 day period. I love my wife and kids and Christmas is one of the best times of the year to hang out and spend quality time with them. I’d like to stay happily married into 2013 if I can and frankly trying to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve could put that into serious jeopardy.

So here’s my plan, I reckon with some luck and some commitment, I might, just might – I’m not super confident get to 250km and you know what? That would be an Awesome result. Frankly I’d be happy with 150km or even 200km but I’ll put up 250km as a stretch goal.

So with all of my commitments above but without allowing for the weather – I’m going to have a go at the inaugural girodilento festive family 250.

If you’d like to have a go to, please do, the more the merrier seriously. To “enter” just leave a comment with how many km you think you could manage: 150, 200 or 250 and state how many kids you’ve got and the age range (the more & younger kids you have the more impressive your mileage would be – assuming you’re not working on a divorce) and please state if there are any immediate family birthdays within the period too. Consider it the family road cycling equivalent to a golf handicap (remember those? Me either ;-))

Thanks to @accidentobizaro who first tweeted the hastag #girodilento250 – If you use @strava please feel free to tweet any qualifying ride between December 24th and 31st tagged with #girodilento250 and I’ll keep track of the tweets.

I’ve also created a Strava club for anybody who’d like to use it to record their rides. You can join us here: If you don’t have a Strava account, a basic one is free as are their iPhone and Android apps to record your mileage (if you don’t have a Garmin).

They’ll be no prizes (most probably) but you will have the respect of myself, readers of this blog (and our Facebook page) as someone who tried hard to find a balance between family life and cycling. You’ll have our admiration and hopefully your family will still love you (I can’t guarantee that though).

Thanks for reading – good luck and please join in – it’ll be fun ….. Unless it snows.

  • Hi Scott. A wonderful idea, I blinking, blooming love it.

    I have a wife, two children (though at times it feels like 100,000 of them) and two cats (the biggest handicap of them all) – I pledge to ride at least 200km between the 24th December and 31st December.


  • I’m in! 250km. 11, 9, 2. I think my Xmas pressie will have to be some Conti 4Seasons and an insulated bottle full of hot sweet tea to kick this off 😉

  • This is great. I mentioned the Festive 500 Challenge to my wife and she gave me that look that told me I should shut my mouth. I’ve got three kids (20, 17 and 9 years old.) I think I can manage 250 km and still keep my family happy during the holidays.


  • Scott, I’m in.

    Like you I love the idea of the big one, I think I like the idea of the lovely snow flake patch.

    Getting out riding anytime over the holiday period is a winner, as its great for the soul, and the waist line.

    So I’ve three kids ranging from 8 to 13. I’ve probably got it a little easier than those with young kids, but after pulling some long weeks recently any time spent with them is going to be gold.

    Shame you can’t get a Strava thing going. A Festive target for those with Families is a great idea.

  • james staples

    Count me in. Had my finger hovering over the ‘Festive 500’ on and off for a few days, but with a wife and 5 year old son – and the usual other commitments, it would mean making up the miles in the evenings – and I dont much fancy cycling on the roads in the dark over the festive holiday.
    Thanks Scott – The festive family 250 suits me fine!

  • I’m in. I’ll punt for the 250. I have a 20 month old son. On the 24/25th we’re in Scotland then returning to Norfolk. Have to finish tiling the kitchen floor and building some cupboards, during the challenge period. Judicious time management essential 🙂

  • We’ll be riding, really looking forward to it.

  • Tim Hodge

    Much more realistic!
    I have two boys (3 & 8) who are all go, go, go. Will push for 250k! Love this and will push that bit harder knowing that others are slogging away as well!

  • 150km.1 child – 5.5. Only freaks have birthdays over Xmas.

  • girodilento

    One day to go before it kicks off and just to confirm, I’m hoping to ride 250km. I have two kids (7&5), my wife’s birthday and a visit to my inlaws to juggle between the 24th and the 31st. The weather looks pretty wet too. May the force be with us all 🙂

  • Great idea! Watching all those single 30-something riders rack up the miles in the Southern hemisphere is more than a married, father in upstate New York can take, but I’m keeping my eye on the Festive 500 again this year nonetheless. With a nasty snow storm headed our way, 250 may be a more reasonable goal, though. Thanks for organizing. Staying happily married in 2013 is a great goal!

  • Jim

    Aiming for 150km for #girodelento250
    Married and got one little one with another in 3months…

    Good luck all!