The Rapha Continental UK Bike Builders Videos

If you’ve not seen these, I wanted to bring them to your attention as what I like the most about this project is that they showcase some of the really great local builders there building excellent hand built bikes in the UK.

As someone who isn’t actually British, it’s not a jingoistic thing in the slightest. With all of the lust for carbon it’s easy to forget that there are other fine choices for frame materials including steel, titanium, scandium and aluminium to name a few that immediately spring to mind.

I’m glad Rapha have helped make more people aware of both of these points. Each of these videos is worth a watch and I hope you enjoy them as I did, even if like me, you’re very happy with your carbon bike … although I definitely do have a hankering for a great steel bike too.

Brian Rourke Cycles:

Ricky Feather:

Dave Yates:

Robin Mather:

Tom Donhou:

Neil Manning (Condor):

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