The simple pleasure of an evening bike ride


I love the time of the year when the evenings are long – I won’t go so far as describing these as summer evenings as it really doesn’t feel that we’ve had one yet this year – but daylight savings evenings rightly conjure images of summertime. 

I love these evenings even more when the suns still out and the wind has dropped away, the kids are in bed and I can roll around the local countryside for an hour or two admiring the light as it slowly fades and admiring the views. 

Yesterday and today I managed evening rides like this. The riding programme I’m following at the moment has a lot of low intensity riding. On my best bike I can still get along at a good clip here and there until I hit the hills and it’s the perfect kind of riding for me to enjoy the moment. No pressure at all to do times or be back by a certain time – just ambling my way through the countryside. 


As you can see that whilst in no particular hurry, I even managed to take a few photos – some scenic ones and then a few attempts at panda shots (not something I’m especially good at). 


Sometimes after you’ve finished your day, the last thing you want to do is get out on your bike – the lure of putting your feet up can be very strong indeed (and it certainly was for me on both of these evenings). If you can make yourself do it, my advice is to choose the quietest, most scenic roads you know and just soak it all up. It’s a truly fantastic way to spend an hour or two and makes for great memories at those literally darker times of the year where you’re out in the cold and rain. If you can coax a friend out to join you as well – so much the better.


Have fun out there and thanks for reading…