The stunning Genesis Equilibrium 20 2011

Update October 6th, 2013: The Genesis Equilibrium range has been updated for 2014 and I’ve written about it here: http://girodilento.com/genesis-equilibrium-2014-updates-evolution/ Due to a problem with my blog – the images from this original post have been lost I’m sorry.

I’ve been pondering winter bikes quite a lot recently and some idle Googling today led me back the 2011 Genesis Equilibrium 20, which I have to say looks fantastic – even better in 2011 with that lovely new metallic red. For those who don’t know Genesis is effectively an in-house brand of the major UK cycling business Madison. The Genesis bikes are designed here in the UK for British conditions (that’s the dodgy weather and the road surfaces to state the obvious) but made in Taiwan like an enormous percentage of the world’s bike production. For 2011 the big change, other than the price, which goes from £999 to £1299, is the change from Reynolds 520 to Reynolds 725 steel to give a lighter frame and improve durability. I believe it also goes from Shimano 105 5600 to the 5700 as well plus the wheels are upgraded to Shimano RS10s and it apparently has a higher quality finishing kit (Genesis own brand). Part of the change in groupset also meant a change was needed to the more expensive new 105 chainset to ensure the optimum shifting experience (which is more akin to Ultegra and Dura Ace than the lower spec Shimano groups). So whilst you are getting a higher quality and higher specced product in 2011 for your extra cash, I suspect we’re also seeing continued impact in the drop in the value of sterling too.

During 2010 the Equilibrium garnered some fantastic reviews and praise in the UK cycling press including this glowing review from the excellent Road.cc: http://road.cc/content/review/15437-genesis-equilibrium and this from BikeRadar: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/product/equilibrium-10-36088 which also includes an excellent owner assessment from Handlebarcam underneath the story. One of the few criticisms I saw of the bike in the forums – is that they were hard to find -Genesis may have underestimated demand, but hopefully with the new models they’ll be more plentiful.
Whilst it’s not as much of a bargain in 2011 as it was in 2010 – it’s a better spec and would be a terrific all purpose bike. I plan to write more about Winter bikes shortly – but to me the chief qualification to being a proper winter bike is that it has eyelets for full mudguards and the Equilibrium has this. I’m quite smitten by this bike and had to post about today as soon as I saw that picture.

If you don’t fancy the full builds on offer for example if you fancy one with either SRAM or Campagnolo and your choice of finishing kit/wheels etc – you can also buy it as a frame for £280 and the fork is £120 (£400 for the set) and I think this is excellent value even before you haggle with your favourite bike shop.


You can get more information directly from Genesis here: http://www.genesisbikes.co.uk/bikes/road/equilibrium/equilibrium-20


For an all round, all year bike that’s comfortable and stylish – this is one of the most interesting affordable bikes I’ve seen recently. I’m sure it will sell very well indeed and Genesis – keep up the good work!


Thanks for reading.

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