Tip for the day – check your cadence sensor before you go out


Just a quick and obvious tip for you: On my Wednesday ride (report to follow) I rushed out the door late and just got moving. After a while the clicking noise made me stop – that and the strange changes in speed my Garmin cadence sensor was reporting. The magnet on the rear wheel had been knocked out of alignment. A quick stop to adjust and it was all fine. Amusingly when I got home and downloaded the data – I could see the attached image in the date – Max speed 215.7kph. My riding's been improving – but even I have to admit that's complete nonsense. The weirdness in the speed also put the distance out by 4km, which is a bit more annoying from a data tracking point… of course it also makes the average speed inaccurate. So as I say in the headline – if you have a cadence sensor – do give it a quick check before you start out to stop rubbish data appearing in your readouts afterwards.