Vote for your favourite cycling blog – The 2011 Crank Awards


If you like cycling, you’re bound to like a number of cycling blogs – perhaps even this one. Whilst my internet journey for cycling focussed on online forums for a while, I hardly frequent them now. For the last couple of years there have been some really excellent blogs that I’m always keen to read. Also, pleasingly, the number of new excellent blogs I’ve found has grown and grown. Some are very small, some massive in an online sort of a way and now here’s a way you can vote for your favourites.


If you’d like to vote for this blog – please do (and thank you very much) – just click on the link – you can see my listing in the directory and type Giro di Lento into the other section of the best road blog. Whether you vote or not – you’ll find some other terrific blogs in the directory – so I highly recommend some browsing through the links as well.




Thanks for reading