We’ve now entered the annual new bike twilight zone

I love bikes and I'm always reading about new ones, creating imaginary shortlists of perfect bikes, looking for deals etc, etc – but around the start of the Tour de France each year the bike market enters the twilight zone. 

What I mean by this is that we start and are in fact already seeing new 2011 models being announced by various brands including Colnago (C59), Look (695), Specialized (Roubaix SL3 and others), Cannondale (CAAD10 featured in an earlier post) and there are bound to be more being ridden by the pro teams in Le Tour so that manufacturers can hopefully then release their new bikes to the public later in the year with them having already won a stage or even the Le Tour itself. Last year Specialized raced the then new Tarmac SL3 at the Tour, Cervelo used their 2010 colours schemes first then (the bikes were pretty much the same apart from the colours) and those are just the examples I can remember off the top of my head. 

So in some ways, it's just become a bad time to buy a bike unless you really need one right now … if you don't it's time to sit back and hold off for another few months if you can – firstly to see if there are any great deals on 2010 bikes (could happen) or to see when the new ones come into stock – so you can potentially get a brand new model right at the beginning of it's model life (which is always nice). 

The other thing that I love about this period is that as the new colour schemes for the new year are released – there are lots of posts on Internet Forums about how ghastly the new colours are …. and often they are right. The Cervelo 2010 paint schemes aren't great – so hopefully they will fix that for 2011. Specialized are releasing Orange S-Works road bikes for 2011 – what were they thinking? and we've only just begun. Cycling fans don't seem to be big on change and lets be honest if you've cracked a great paint job – why change it (other than to demonstrate that there is a new model year). To me bike paint jobs are a bit like Football Club shirts – new ones each year to sell the jerseys all over again when I think a great paint scheme is like Ferrari Red – timeless – but that's not how the marketing machines work. 

I'm not ready to buy at the moment – but if I was I would be waiting and researching the new models thoroughly and waiting to read the first tests. I've heard on good authority that The Washingmachine Post will have the first Colnago C59 test – so I'll be watching out for this around August I believe – and I may well be posting more new bike stuff as it is released.

Obviously for any manufacturers/distributors reading this – please get in touch if you'd like me to review your bike, I'd be delighted to.

For those of you wanting more info on some of the new bikes I mentioned, try the following links:

The Washingmachine Post: http://www.thewashingmachinepost.net/ – The Colnago reviews from this site can also be found at: http://www.colnago.cc/

Thanks for reading.