Winter bike ordered (finally): Trek 1.5

35244131-2012 Trek 1.5c

Thanks to the good folk on Twitter yesterday afternoon – I’ve finally snapped out of my analysis paralysis ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analysis_paralysis) and I’ve placed an order for a Trek 1.5. My friends on Twitter were absolutely right – time to just get on with it and I have.

The fact is that if money weren’t an issue, I’d have already placed an order for a custom Enigma Ethos (http://girodilento.com/enigma-ethos-bike-fitting-session). But sadly money is an issue and I couldn’t really talk myself into pushing the boat out that far – as much as I tried. Shame, but hopefully another time (especially has Enigma already have a design in the can for me). I’ve mostly been agonising about spending more money than I can really justify.


Once I ruled that out, things were just as complicated as there are lots of other good options about – a very strong showing from Kinesis, including the TK2, Granfondo and GF_Ti and then the also interesting Tifosi CK7 Audax tempted me as well. Any of these would be a fine choice indeed and I hope to be able to write more on some of them before long (fingers crossed). However, everytime I looked in detail at those options, I ended up coming back to the Trek which was demonstrably cheaper and ultimately that’s what swung it – price. The Trek was also available from stock in my size – so it’s a rapid solution too. It’s not a glamorous or sophisticated answer but I’m sure many people reading this will hear where I’m coming from. There are other reasons too though both for good and for bad:


To get the things I thought were negative about the Trek out of the way:
– I wasn’t thrilled about going from Dura Ace to Tiagra even if it is 10 speed (snobby but true)
– It’s not an audax style true winter trainer, which is something I wanted to try – but it has the mountings and proper clearance for guards (so this is only a half point off)


On the upside:
– It takes full SKS Chromoplastic mudguards
– It’s very affordable, so I won’t worry about riding it over rough roads or cycle paths or just generally abusing it
– It has the same geometry you can have (in H2 fit) on a 6.9 SSL Madone, so it will be very interesting to spend the winter riding Madone geometry to try it out.
– It gives me a chance to confront my prejudices and try the new Tiagra
– The fit looks pretty good for me – well certainly better than I’ve had to date, but still quite different than Enigma’s design.
– Rich from Ride chooses this when he’s not on his C59 and assures me they are a good bike (http://girodilento.com/the-trek-1-5-a-bargain-winter-bike/)
– It leaves budget free to buy my wife a new bike too and to keep some money aside for 2012
– It’s a sensible option that I really want to put some miles in to regain my fitness and be able to speak from experience about Trek’s entry level bikes. I really enjoyed my Allez, so it will be good to spend some time on a Trek equivalent.
– More people than I expected recommended getting something cheap and cheerful, when I thought spending more on a luxury winter bike would be nice. I’ve decided to follow this guidance as it’s come from a number of cyclists with far greater experience than mine.
– Lastly and very importantly I should have it by the end of the week – so can hit the road whatever the weather this weekend.


Overall, I think it’s a solid short term solution and hopefully I’ll have it in a few days.


Now to order the mudguards to fit on it. I’ve never been more excited about ordering mudguards.


Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped on the journey – I really appreciate it and I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with the winter. Special thanks to Rich Land (@sprinting4signs), Dave Arthur (@davearthur), Rich from Ride in Poole, Ben Hookway (@benhookway) and Nick Rearden (@nickrearden)


Thanks for reading