Winter road bike blowouts


This is the latest mini-update in my quest for a winter road bike that started back here:  http://girodilento.com/2011-winter-bike-build-shortlist where I'd sold off my old non-best bikes and was looking for a winter bike with full mudguards and even rack mounts ideally. 

Where we're at is that I've pretty much decided the Cyclocross bike is not what I want for now at least. So I'm back to road bikes. Sadly I've crossed the Rourke off the list for 2011 as the waiting list is 6 months – but it could happen next year? Another bike on the verge of being pushed off the list is the Kinesis TK2 – which is a great bike (http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-kinesis-racelight-tk2-12-45502) but in my budget calculations I worked out that by the time I buy the forks, headset, seatpost and long drop brakes, I'm not far off the money of the Granfondo Sc (http://road.cc/content/review/45416-kinesis-racelight-gran-fondo-sc-frameset), so that's emerging as a preferred option, especially if I can find a demo bike to ride. 

I'd love a Granfondo GF_Ti but it's really a stretch for my budget, so is a bit less likely. The Enigma Ethos is still on my list and I've got a full fitting booked in at Enigma next week to see if it will fit me. So the shortlist was being whittled down. Rich Land ( http://sprintingforsigns.posterous.com/the-perfect-winter-bike-the-quest-for-the-uni#!/) also suggested the Soma ES as an interesting (but heavy-ish choice) and it is interesting but I'm not sure it's right for a lightweight (10.5 stone) like myself. 

The blowout option in the title is because it's that time of year where the old stock is being discounted, so I've been looking at road bikes as well that don't take full guards but are good race bikes … and yes it would mean embracing the Crud's again (http://www.crudproducts.com/products/roadracer/) and foregoing the rack mounts … but there are some very tempting buys out there on bikes like …. another Allez Comp – this time with 10 speed and tweaked geometry: http://www.roadbikeaction.com/fly.aspx?layout=content&taxid=69&cid=4491 – this is a great review and I know from a previous bike fit that the new Allez/Tarmac geometry is just about spot on for me. Then there are other contenders like the fantastic CAAD10 (http://roadcyclinguk.com/news/gear-news/cannondale-caad-10-dura-ace-reviewed.html) or even some heavily discounted carbon race bikes some even featuring Ultegra Groupsets at just over £1k. Any of these would be a great winter race bike and some of them are quite tempting…. actually very tempting… but I do want to track down and ride a Granfondo and an Ethos. The Ethos is booked but I'm still looking for a Granfondo to ride – if you can help – please let me know. 

One thing's for sure it's a great time to be looking at buying a winter bike and I'm loving the research and the mulling of options. Now back to google to look for more bargains ….

Thanks for reading!