Zipp 303: Resurrection…reviews and video

I’ve yet to own a set of carbon wheels (whether tubular or clincher) but I have a feeling it’s not going to be too long before I change that. To be frank, until recently I struggled to see the appeal as there are some fantastic alloy clinchers around and I was really worried that I’d break them on the roads I tend to ride on. The 2010 Zipp 303’s success in the spring classics and some fantastic reviews like these had me reconsidering my position. 

However this is the real reason for this post – Zipp have just released a film on the “resurrection” of the 303 and how they managed to come back from disastrous early testing on the Paris Roubaix cobbles to a dominant performance this year. 

If you have 16 minutes and 9 seconds spare – I recommend this fascinating film to you – but I warn you if you read these reviews and watch the film – you may be reaching for your credit card:

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