Zwift launches it’s first Alpine style climb, the Alpe Du Zwift

After many calls from Zwift users across the globe to build an Alpine style climb, they’ve delivered one right in time for the Easter break!

The Alpe Du Zwift has more than a few similarities to one of the iconic Alpe D’Huez. However, while the terrain mimics the French giant, it’s been given a distinct Zwift twist.

The Alpe Du Zwift should be a fantastic training tool for anyone preparing for Gran Fondo’s like the Etape de Tour etc because for many riders, this could be their only way to simulate climbs of one hour or more in length. Zwift Fondo events and group rides have just got harder as well!

Key stats for the Alpe Du Zwift:The Alpe Du Zwift segment
Segment Length: 7.5mi /12km
Segment elevation gain: 3400ft /1036m
Average gradient: 8.5%
  • Alpe Du Zwift is part of the Watopia Island course and can be accessed via the Mayan Jungle
  • Elevation Gain: 3400ft / 1036m
  • Average Gradient: 8.5 %
  • Segments: 21 Hairpins
  • Alpe Du Zwift is only open to Zwifters at Level 12 or higher
  • The Level 12 Alpe Gate is marked Red when locked, and Green when available
  • Zwifters who become level 12 mid-session will immediately be allowed access

There are three new routes that have been added to Watopia following the release of Alpe Du Zwift:

Road to Sky
19.9km  1144m elevation gain. This starts on the wooden bridge away from the usual start/finish locations and is the most direct route to the Alpe Du Zwift
Tour of Fire and Ice
25.1km  1166m elevation combining the Volcano and the Alpe Du Zwift
Four Horsemen
89.3 km  2112m election is a proper “epic” indoor ride covering all four major climbs: the original KOM, the Volcano, the Epic KOM and the new Alpe du Zwift. Not only that but you’ll also cover every bit of road on Watopia.
If you’ve not reached level 12 yet, you can still ride the Alpe if you opt to “Ride or Run With A Friend” who is Level 12 or higher to explore the new climb.Official Zwift events taking place on the new routes can have riders of any level participating, so access is possible under these circumstances.
To add the Alpe Du Zwift to your ride, update to the latest version of Zwift today.
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