Zwift’s new Mayan Jungle Course Extension – out now on Watopia

Zwift have launched a stunning new course expansion to the virtual Watopia Island, called the Mayan Extension. It’s available now on any Watopia course day for riders at level 10 or above.

Here’s a preview which should get Zwift fans (like myself) excited for some new riding:

The Mayan Expansion is the first unlockable part of Watopia Island. You need to have reached level 10, before you can freely access the Mayan Jungle. Zwifters below level 10 will still be able to access the new routes if selecting the ‘ride with friend’ option (when the friend is above level 10) or by joining events using the new routes.
Key points about the new Mayan Expansion include:
  • Mayan Expansion is part of the Watopia Island course
  • It’s several miles of fast, rolling terrain through a fantastical world of ancient Mexico with lush graphics and terrain both above and below ground:
    • Big Loop, a 26.6mile course that climbs the Mountain, winds through the Jungle, and finishes with a trip around the Volcano
    • Road to Ruins, a 18.7mile course taking a Watopia Flat Route variant, heading to the Jungle, and ending with a loop around the Volcano
    • Jungle Circuit, a 12.3mile course for those that want to get right to the action and continuously ride or run the new Jungle course
  • This expansion is the first time an in-game area has to be “unlocked” to enter it. 
  • Mayan Expansion is only open to Zwifters at Level 10 or higher
  • Zwifters who have reached level 10 in any sport will be able to select Jungle routes at the Drop In screen
  • The Level 10 Jungle Gate is marked Red when locked, and Green when available
  • Zwifters who become level 10 mid-session will immediately be allowed access
There are alternate means to ride this area of the game, which actually make your time in Zwift even more social
  • Zwifters without Level 10 status can opt to “Ride With A Friend” who is Level 10 or higher to explore the Expansion
  • Official Zwift events taking place in the Expansion can have riders of any level participating, so access is possible under these circumstances.
This new map is available now on any day where Watopia is the standard course, so as the clocks go back this weekend it’ll be great to have new rides to explore. I can’t wait to give it a go. See you out there perhaps? It looks terrific from the preview video.
To access the new routes, make sure you update your Zwift application to version 1.0.2156 or above for the PC version or 1.0.21445 for iOS.
If you’ve not yet had a go on Zwift, you can sign up for a free trial at Zwift.com, which gives you 7 days of free riding – but won’t give you access to these new routes, unless you ride with someone at level 10 or above or join a group ride on the new courses.