A plug for the Velocast 2013 Race Coverage Podcast packages…

Velocast race coverage 2013

Twitter has been one of the best things that happened to my cycling community and camaraderie over the last few years. It’s connected me with people I’d have never otherwise met from fans, to the media, to the bike trade, to pro riders and to some of the superstars of the bike industry.

Along the way I discovered John Galloway (@wjohngalloway), Scott O’Raw (@velocast) and their Velocast podcasts. I’ve been listening to the podcasts (and following them both on twitter) over the last year or so and  have always enjoyed their passionate debates about pro cycling. I’ve mostly agreed, I’ve certainly learnt quite a few things and I’ve continued to be impressed by some of the people they’ve managed to interview (like Jonathan Vaughters for example).

During 2012, they decided to turn “pro” offering a subset of paid for podcasts during the Tour de France. I paid my money like many others and again thoroughly enjoyed their work and felt I’d got good value as a punter and that also I was supporting some passionate fans get a return for some of the enormous effort they put into their regular podcasting. Also big races like the Tour de France provide an awful lot of things to talk about (except perhaps for those flat days where the riders catch their breath before the next mountainous assault – you know the kind of stage I mean).

For 2013 they are offering a subscription based system, for the Spring Classics, the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta. This is in addition to the free podcasts which will continue too. Scott and John will be attending the races they’re podcasting about this year to get closer to the action and to make sure they speak to the key protagonists wherever they can. The costs for the each race package is £15 except for the Tour de France, which is £20. You can subscribe to the lot for £50 and that’s what I’m planning to do. The first race that will be covered will be the Tour of Flanders on the last weekend in March so you have a bit of time yet to sign up if you need it.

The Velocast has built up a tremendous following and deservedly so. I’m really excited for them and I’m convinced that you’ll enjoy Scott and John’s work this year and that it will add to your enjoyment of the big races of the year.

If you’ve not heard their work before they are currently doing the free Eurosport Cycling Podcast and I commend this to you as a great starting point.

Another podcast from the Velocast stable I heartily recommend is the Velocast Tech5 featuring John and special guests, Rich Land (@sprinting4signs) and Sean Lally (@CycleSystemsAc). This is a podcast about cycling tech and both Rich and Sean have a great deal of knowledge to share that John helps draw out. I’m really looking forward to listening to this series develop during the year too.


You can find out more here: http://velocast.cc/ or you can search for the podcasts via the iTunes store.

Thanks for reading….