Brynje Classic Wool Micro T-Shirt baselayer review

IMG_5361Back in early July I posted my first look at three Brynje base layers I had to try over the summer months. I’ve been riding in them all a lot, in fact most of my rides have featured a Brynje base layer since then and often still do (here’s the link to that first look post here: http://girodilento.com/first-look-brynje-baselayers/)

I’ve certainly spent enough time riding in them to report back and I’ve decided to begin by telling you about the Classic Wool Micro T-Shirt. I’ve always been a big fan of Merino so this base layer has often been the one I’ve gravitated to first. It has a fine mesh weave and is a combination of 80% Merino wool and 20% Polyamid. Even after several months of riding and washing – to me this base layer still feels terrific – it’s soft to the touch and feels great against your skin, as good Merino does. Another plus of good Merino wool is that you can ride in it for days and it won’t smell – It might make you laugh or roll your eyes but I did try to test this – I rode back to back days around the country in this base layer – wore it all weekends as a vest in order try to make it smell. I rode it one day – left it unwashed and then rode it again a couple of days later – all to try to make it smell. It never did and never has. Brilliant if you commute and get hot and sweaty.

It’s been a warm summer here and the temperatures are only just starting to fall now. I’ve used it in as wide a range of temperatures as I can and it’s been excellent.

One thing to note regarding Merino versus some good synthetic base layers is that Merino doesn’t move the moisture away (wicking) as well. Merino holds significantly more moisture in the fibres but it does stay warm while you are riding. When you stop with this moisture in your base layer you can feel a bit colder sooner – but this is part of the challenge of all Merino – not just this base layer. The micro mesh of this design to me helped it work a bit better in warmer weather without compromising cooler weather riding as it allowed more air movement between your skin and the outer layer.

My instinct is always to turn to Merino when I don’t want to smell, when I’m not riding quite as hard (so not sweating as much) or when I want more warmth.

My only issue with this base layer is that for me, I would have preferred it a couple of inches longer in the body. I like longer length base layers and prefer them for when I’m riding on a road bike with bib shorts. Because I’m moderately tall and skinny, I have been wearing a size small – which is the right size for me but I’ve found it a touch short. It’s not what you’d call Italian sizing (skinny) and for most riders, that’s going to be a very good thing. It’s not as ideal for me but it’s not been enough to make me use it less.  I have found  that it has ridden up while I’ve been out on the bike and riding hard and that’s been a bit annoying from time to time.

IMG_5352In what may be an issue for you – but hasn’t been for me – it’s only available in this red colour. I like the colour and it’s an base layer anyway so I haven’t felt the colour was at all an issue. The colour does makes it easier to pick out of your cycling kit bag though J so swings and roundabouts.

That small quibble on length aside – this is a terrific base layer – a fundamental step up in quality on the cheaper Merino base layers I’ve tried which have disintegrated over time (and smelled). The Brynje Classic Micro T-Shirt is a high quality product that works very well indeed and is sensibly priced. If you like good quality Merino base layers – you’ll like this one.

If you’d to know more or want to know where to buy one, they’re exclusively available from the good people at Nordic Life: http://www.nordiclifeuk.co.uk/index.php/products/mens-active-base-layers/29/415/active-base-layer/P-classic-wool-micro-t-shirt


Thanks for reading.

P.S. More photos to be added shortly