My fascination with hand built wheels is growing…

I found Luxe Wheelworks site this week from a tweet from Bicycling Magazine's Bill Strickland (who I've long been a fan of and you can follow on twitter as @TrueBS). It's a cool video and if you browse their site you'll see some fabulous wheel builds. 

My only "handbuilt" wheels to date were a complete disappointment but I won't let that put me off for good. In my search for a Unicorn of a Winter bike, I was getting very interesting in various handbuilt options but I've also been lusting over rims like ENVE recently and the options available to handbuilt them at incredible weights and performance. 

If you spend some time browing the Luxe site – you may just get hooked like I have. 

This post is just a taster, as there will be more handbuilt goodness on the blog over the next months. Watch this space….

Thanks for reading