My girodilento family festive 250 ride two #girodilento250 with Stoemper Bikes

Yesterday (Boxing Day), I rode for the second time during the #girodilento250 – this time with a special guest, David from Stoemper Bikes.

I choose a scenic variation on one of my regular training rides, taking us a bit further south than normal. The extra loop also put in 3 punchy extra climbs of which, the third is the hardest, so it’s a good extra workout.

After a few weeks off the bike, a cold and a busy end to the year. I’m not feeling awash with energy or strength for riding but the company helped enormously and it was really nice to get two Stoempers out on the road and show David some of my local scenery.

We chatted our way through much of the ride – except for the tougher bits, where the talking petered out. In all we rode 65km and climbed 835m, which was a decent effort and took me to just under half way to the ultimate goal of 250km. It was a hard but good ride. David lives in Belgium, which is fairly flat and he said it was a much hillier ride than he’d normally do but all the better for it.

I’m not expecting to be able to get out again now for a few days, so I’ll consider it a recovery break. Hope all of you riding the festive family 250 too are making good progress.

Many thanks to David for coming down to go riding – much appreciated and great to see you again.

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