Not as smart as you’d think…


Me that is. I’ve just got over the worst chest cold/infection that I’ve had in quite a few years and I agreed to a 90km ride with my fastest riding buddy last Saturday. This after I sensibly bailed out of riding the Puncheur last Sunday, which was 15km longer and 2.5 times the climbing. So this was not the best idea I’ve had recently. In fairness my riding companion (and fellow NeilPryde Alize owner) was very good about slowing the pace down for me.

The lure of a favourite riding route got the better of me as did the thought of a decent distance on my best bike chatting with a good friend. The first 55km or so is relatively flat, well certainly it’s much flatter than I usually ride so I managed to keep my heart rate in the vicinity of 140 which seemed sensible. The last 30km are sort of a gentle, gradual climb back to the starting point. For this part my heart rate was more like 150-160 (and perhaps a bit more at times). 
It drizzled or rained for an hour to two hours of the ride, which amusingly meant that when we sat down in the cafe on the wetter side of damp, we fogged up the windows of the place within about 5 minutes. It felt very cold when we got back on the bikes and it took a good 15-20 minutes to warm up. This also didn’t seem very sensible and I was definitely clock watching for the second half of the ride.

Sunday (as riders on the Puncheur will tell you) was foul weathered. It was a great reason to not leave the house and relax a bit. 

I’m looking forward to my next ride but it will be a bit shorter I think.

Thanks for reading