Osmo Nutrition is back

Back in 2014 I spent some time testing and reviewing products from Osmo Nutrition. This experience led to Osmo Active Hydration becoming my normal hydration supplement when I rode my bike. I reviewed it positively and for quite some time after I used up the review samples, I ordered more and more of it and kept using it over other products. I liked the premise behind the science as outlined here:

I also liked the pack size and the fact that you didn’t need to put loads in your water for each ride. The smaller packs made it affordable to buy and whilst it doesn’t perhaps last in your cupboard as long as some other brands (once open), I found it to be generally really good to use.

However due to non product related internal problems at the company, it effectively ground to a halt and disappeared. And that was that I had thought but earlier in the year, I was speaking to the original UK distributor 2Pure who told me that the companies internal problems had been resolved and Osmo was back in the market.

I’m now using the product again for my riding (mostly indoors for now, which is another post and review to come).

Osmo is available again at some retailers and I’d urge you to check the original reviews if you’re considering how you hydrate on your ride. The product is exactly the same as before and that’s a good thing.

You can read my original review here: https://girodilento.com/osmo-active-hydration-review/

I’m pleased to see Osmo back, it’s a good product and I hope they managed to keep the company on track.

Find out more about Osmo here: https://osmonutrition.co.uk/

Thanks for reading