Save big on the Tacx Neo

Now that the Tacx Neo is gradually being superseded by the new and improved Tacx Neo 2, there are some fantastic bargains available for eagle eyed shoppers while stocks last (and they won’t last forever)

Spotted today you can save £400 on the retail price of £1,199 at Amazon, Wiggle or ChainReactionCycles & get a Tacx Neo for only £799.99

I reviewed the Tacx Neo previously here and I consider it the best smart trainer money can buy – perhaps now only exceded by the new Neo 2.

A few reasons that the Neo is so fantastic:

  • It’s super accurate as a Power Meter
  • It never needs calibration
  • It’s extremely quiet
  • It’s extremely powerful
  • You can run it without having to plug it in if you want to
  • It’s unique design means you can have it simulate road surfaces if you want (you can switch this feature off

I like it so much I bought one and it’s never missed a beat.

So at this discounted price you can pay £100 more than a mid range smart trainer and get all of the benefits above. For me that’s a no brainer.

The Neo 2 brings some small additional features but it’s hard to believe they’ll be worth an extra £400.

The updates are:

  • Improved cadence sensing (I’ve not had any issues personally)
  • Pedal Stroke analysis
  • L/R power data
  • Improved memory (for unspecified future features – likely to be more data science led)
  • More powerful chipset (reduced noise and more responsive control – again I’ve never had an issue with my original Neo)
  • Additional adapters for through axle support (I had to buy the 12mm through axle adapters separately for around £40). Quick release adapters come standard for rim brake bikes

I think at £799 the original Neo is a tremendous bargain. It’s well worth plonking that extra £100 over a Wahoo Kickr Core, Elite Direto or Tacx Flux 2 onto your credit card. You’ll be pleased you did.

Get one here from:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DdMZxs

Wiggle: http://tidd.ly/17e87241

Chainreaction: http://tidd.ly/ecdb44b8

With these retailers you can also use gift vouchers if you have any. That’s how I bought my own Neo, using £200 of Amazon vouchers I’d been collecting for a year or so.

And help support this site at the same time (they pay this site a small and I mean small commission on any sale)