The girodilento 2013 Metric Century challenge – minimum of one per month #girodilento100plus

I’m not the kind of guy who sets New Year’s resolutions but I have been thinking about some milestones or challenges to aim for in 2013.

I’d like to ride further than I did in 2012 (which was already a record year) and I’d like to do more longer rides without going crazy and disappearing away from my family for too long, too often.

Long rides appeal for several reasons, they’re more of a challenge for fitness and endurance, they’re a great way to see more countryside and fun to do with friends, they’re also a great way to push your mileage ridden up in decent chunks at a time.


With this in mind, I’m hoping to ride at least one 100km or more ride in every calendar month of 2013. That would make a minimum of 12 but it must include one in every month to count towards the challenge. For example none in January would just be a fail, riding two in February wouldn’t make up for not riding one in January. It’s a simple concept (I hope).

My own last century ride was this one – so it’s been a while and I’m currently working out when day in January I can get my quest underway.

Each time I ride one of these rides – I’ll tag it on twitter and Strava as #girodilento100plus. If you’d like to join in please do. The girodilento Strava club is alive and well with lots of good mileage being done most days (find it here: http://app.strava.com/clubs/girodilento-cycling) – please feel free to join and use this to track your centuries.

If you’re more of a hardcore cyclist than I – please feel to make them imperial century rides (100 miles plus that’s 160.9344 km or more for you Euro pros).

I have to confess I’ve never ridden 100 miles in one ride and in 2013 I’d like to fix that and ride that far at least twice this year but more would be cool.

For me, this is also a part of an overall goal to ride over 6,000km this year for the first time. In all honesty, this was last year’s goal that I didn’t achieve, so it’s unfinished business.

Please do feel free to join me on the girodilento century challenge or if not, I wish you every success with whatever milestones you’ve decided on for your 2013 cycling. Please feel free to leave a comment with your own challenges – I’d love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading and good luck for your 2013 riding!