The girodilento festive family 250 day one #girodilento250

Today’s day one of the #girodilento250 and like many of you taking part, I got out to get some miles ticked off. It’s nice to start the challenge positively with a good tally so that hopefully I won’t be chasing too much towards the end. Time and family etc will tell.

My friend Damien and I did a loop we know well south of Tunbridge Wells up to the Ashdown Forest and back. I’m just getting over a rotten cold and haven’t been on the bike much for a few weeks and I felt it today. However it was good to get out (I kept telling myself that at least). We’ve had a lot of rain and the roads were covered in water, general muck, etc and there was a decent wind as well. The upside was that it didn’t rain during the ride and it was unseasonably warm too, which was nice. It was also pleasing to see quite a few riders out on the road.

I took the Kinesis TK3 out today (http://girodilento.com/just-in-kinesis-tk3/) and with its full mudguards it was a fine companion. I got back dry and clean, which was marvellous. The bike acquitted itself very well too.

If you’ve not seen it already, the information on the #girodilento250 is here: http://girodilento.com/the-girodilento-festive-family-250km/

My stats for the ride are here:

The club’s most recent stats are here: