The #girodilento250 festive family friendly challenge is back for 2015!

Yes, it’s back (again)! For the last few years I’ve held the #girodilento250  – a festive riding challenge for people, with lives, families and loved ones they need to spend time with between December 24th and 31st.

I had always liked the idea of the Festive 500 that Rapha and Strava hold each winter but as someone with a wife, young kids, family commitments including my wife’s birthday all within the last week of December, 500kms is never going to happen (unless I’m angling for a swift divorce, which I’m not).

So the #girodilento250 was born as an idea for those of us who’d like a challenge but with a less extreme level of commitment. With that in mind, I keep the idea simple to hopefully make it easier for you to join in should you wish to.

So here are the guidelines I’ve used each year (please feel free to suggest any improvements in the comments):

  1. Any riding goal up 250km is fine – you choose an amount that would be a good goal for you. 250km might be too far if you’ve got lots on, so choose a smaller amount if you’d like
  2. To join in – you can leave a comment with how far you hope to ride or tweet your goal with the hashtag #girodilento250, so we can share the riding we’re all hoping to do.
  3. A simple way to log your rides is to use Strava and tag each of your rides between December 24th and the 31st with #girodilento250
  4. Feel free to join the girodilento Strava club here to log your rides: http://www.strava.com/clubs/girodilento-cycling It’ll make it easier to track them and to see how other people are getting on as well. You can also use the Strava club to share your target in the comments if you wish to.
  5. Photos of rides/riding are all good too – again if you can tag them #girodilento250, hopefully I can find them and share them too. My Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/girodilento is a great place to share your ride pictures, as is twitter, Instagram or any other platform of your choice. Each year it’s been great to get some of the stories from those riding and I hope this might happen again.
  6. There are no prizes for completion other than the warm glow of satisfaction of hitting your goal and still having time to spend with your loved ones. Even if you don’t hit your goal, hopefully you’ll still have got out and had a good ride or two, which is good for the soul. This challenge is all about finding a balance between normal life and riding and prizes didn’t seem to fit with that (to me anyway), although I may rustle up a few random prizes/awards

Any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment here, or on my facebook page or via Twitter.

If you like this idea – jump in and have a go and also please share it with other people who ride – the more involved, the merrier …. and the more festive.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you virtually on the girodilento festive family 250 #girodilento250