The new Kinesis TK3 – King of the affordable winter bikes?


I’m a big fan of the UK’s Kinesis bikes and in fact had a proper love affair (or was it more of a fling thanks to the limited time we spent together?) with the Granfondo Ti or GF_Ti early in 2012 ( http://girodilento.com/first-ride-kinesis-gf_ti/ &  http://girodilento.com/further-thoughts-kinesis-gf-ti).

The Kinesis Racelight series is one of the most successful and widely respected winter training frames designed for real-world riding in the UK and the TK3 that’s about to come to market is the latest in this line of bikes.

The big change is the change to a tapered 1.5” fork that still takes mudguards and long drop brakes – a first according to Kinesis. This change is said to transform the handling and braking of the new TK3 and make much more like a modern summer bike to ride.

Priced at a very reasonable £549 (retail, including VAT), the new TK3 includes mudguard and rack mounts and the ability to run 28mm tyres, features which might make this the new value superstar of the winter bike market

The first example will be on show at the Cycle Show this weekend in the Midlands (http://www.cycleshow.co.uk/) and is well worth checking out if you’ll be there.


I believe the first stock will be arriving imminently and review bikes will be out to the press soon – so it shouldn’t be too long until you can read an independent view on the TK3.

I’m excited about this bike – I think it could be a terrific value allrounder that can do everything from being left at the train station to getting your shopping in on to group rides with your club and sportives in the foulest weather.

For more information visit Kinesis here: http://www.kinesisbikes.co.uk/products/racelight/tk3

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