Wahoo Tickr Review

An easy to live with, reliable Heart Rate Monitor that connects to both Bluetooth or Ant+ devices that has performed faultlessly during the test period

I almost always wear a heart rate monitor when I ride and have for around 10 years now. I don’t generally actively train with heart rate but I am always interested in what my heart rate data is for any workout or ride.

One thing that has changed over the years is what I need to connect to. For many years, this was simply a Garmin, which I connected with generally with one of Garmin’s own chest strap heart rate monitors. However, the world has changed and so did my needs.

These days, I connect to a variety of devices, from my smartphone, to my iPad, to a PC, directly to a smart trainer or a GPS device, which may or may not be a Garmin nowadays.

With this variety of devices, I now have the need to connect to both Ant+ and Bluetooth devices. After a brief dalliance with having a Bluetooth and an Ant+ heart rate monitor, I switched to the Wahoo Tickr which connect to either communication standard.

In nearly 6 months of use 3-5 times a week, it’s worked absolutely faultlessly. It’s always connected to whatever device I’ve needed it to, quickly and without any fuss. The strap is comfortable and easy to adjust and the battery life seems to have barely budged off full in that time.

Heart rate monitors can be notoriously unreliable, especially in transmitting consistent data without spikes in reading but I’ve had no such problems with the Wahoo Tickr. I’ve been asked a lot of times of the years what heart rate monitor I recommend and the Tickr is now my first choice on the market for a chest strap monitor.

To me a product like this should be the sort of device that you put on as you’re getting ready to ride, that then seamlessly connects to whatever gadget or app that you’re using on your ride and that you never need to think about again.

The Wahoo Tickr absolutely delivers on this. It’s an accurate, reliable way of connecting to either Bluetooth or Ant+ devices that just consistently works ride after ride, after ride. I highly recommend it and it’s now my primary heart rate monitor for all my riding.

You can buy one from Amazon here, from Wiggle here or from Evans Cycles here and support this site whilst you do (we get a small commission).

For more information you can also visit Wahoo here