Zwift x Wahoo UK Tour 2017 – The Velo House

Last evening myself about about 100 or so other locals headed to The Velo House in Tunbridge Wells for a leg of the UK Zwift x Wahoo UK tour, which was the 6th of 7 events around the country.

It was a fun and welcoming evening where visitors could try out a Wahoo Smart trainer, either in a race or just to have a ride, all in the wonderful virtual world of Zwift.

To accompany the proceedings there was music, pizza and drinks. It was a fun evening and a great, low pressure way to try out the future of indoor training. I took my 12 year old son along and he loved it too.

If you’d been wondering about trying Zwift or a smart trainer it was a perfect introduction to either/both. As well as the racing, there was also a quieter demo available where people were asking questions about the trainers, Zwift, how they worked together and the equipment you needed. The event had staff from Wahoo, Zwift and The Velo House on hand so there was a lot of expertise for those who had detailed questions.

Attendees seemed to be having a great time, chatting, riding and enjoying the racing.

I’m a big fan of demo events … and of smart trainers and Zwift. I think they’re a game changer for indoor training, so it’s great to see Wahoo and Zwift creating events like this for dealers to give more potential owners a try.

For the technically minded (nerds) out there – there was a row of Alienware gaming PC’s powering the big screens

If you’ve missed your local events, do contact your local Wahoo dealer if you’d like to try a Kickr and of course you can try out Zwift for free by signing up for a trial at Zwift.com